VBOXMotorsport is a range of high-tech dataloggers used to observe and improve track driver performance

VBOX Video data logger
Racelogic VBOX Video with all accessories

With the HD2, you can analyse and share track data in 1080p video and up to 60 fps. The VBOX Video HD boasts improved accuracy compared to the VBOX Lite video-linked datalogger thanks to the multi-constellation GNSS satellite (GPS & Glonass) connection and improves the visual experience significantly with a pair of high-definition cameras for even more detailed analysis of the driver’s every move. Designed to meet the needs of motorsport professionals, the HD is a hardcore device – witness the anodised aluminium casing and heavy-duty LEMO fittings. A huge range of accessories is available. 

HD2...the way to go!

Also available:

Racelogic VBOX Sport and iPhone screen
Racelogic VBOX LapTimer
Racelogic VBOX PerformanceBox Touch
Racelogic VBOX Lite with cameras and display
Lap Timer


Video VBOX

The waterproof Sport is suitable for motorcycles, cars and watercraft. It records all GPS data allowing for quick and easy track analysis, as well as acting as a device for recording straightline performance. It measures speed, time, distance, longitudinal and lateral acceleration (G-force) and more. The latest version reverts to 10-hertz processing speed but now uses two satellite constellations for improved accuracy. 

The Lap Timer is the most underrated device in the VBOX Motorsport range. The predictive timing function shows exactly how your current lap is progressing (in terms of speed and time) relative to a reference lap - which is always the fastest lap of your session. It also saves speed, time, distance, longitudinal and lateral acceleration (G-forces) and more to SD card for post-session analysis in Circuit Tools  .

The original PerformanceBox was a hero - and this one is sure to become one as well.

The Touch - so called thanks to the 4.3-inch screen - takes affordable testing excellence and lap timing to the next level. Now dual-constellational, it is more accurate and consistent than ever before, not to mention being much easier to read. For motorsportsmen, the Predictive Lap Timing function can be a gamechanger...new tyres might buy you lap times, but the PB will buy you technique.

The Video VBOX provides syncronised video, audio and GPS positioning and is the perfect tool for Real+Virtual coaching and analysis. Every move which the vehicle makes and its position on the track is accurately monitored and saved to an SD card for interrogation afterwards.

The second camera records driver movement, while the audio input provides additional information. It measures speed, time, distance, longitudinal and lateral acceleration (G-force) and more at 10hz processing speed. Best of all, you'll have the video as proof of where you were and what you did!