Stigworx=Real+Virtual racetrack coaching, to get you on to the pace as quickly and as safely as possible. The Real element is your track time where you allow your every move to be monitored while the Virtual takes the form of detailed post-session analysis of your driving with a Video VBOX – a powerful datalogger which synchronises GPS positioning with video and audio so that your every move can be monitored. If there’s a faster way to become fast, we’re yet to hear about it.

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At Stigworx, we don't instruct. We coach. Here's how:

VBOX telemetry
  • We install a VBOX in your car GPS-based datalogger in your car.

  • You drive the car in the normal way, trying to be consistent and driving what you consider to be technically correct lines.

  • At the end of each session, the memory card is removed from the VBOX and inserted in a laptop computer on which Circuit Tools, VBOX’s proprietary software, is installed.

  • Circuit Tools automatically detects the circuit from its extensive circuit database. If the circuit isn’t available we load it manually.

  • Your laps are then dropped onto the circuit and the analysis can begin!

  • Using GPS information on G-forces, position, speed, time and distance, we can look closely at what you did or didn’t do at any point on the lap. Where did you brake? How hard did you brake? Where did you turn in? Where did you apex? What was your speed at the apex of any given corner?

  • All information can be overlaid on either your own lap or on a representative lap from our database, and we will identify where and why you are losing speed.

  • Circuit Tools highlights your best lap, but it also divides the circuit into sectors and will ‘cherry pick’ your best sectors from all laps to provide an Ideal Lap: that is the time you need to strive for, and which you could’ve achieved in that session – if you had done all your best sectors on the same lap! 

  • With a Video VBOX we have the added benefit of synchronised video and audio which enables us to probe even deeper into your driving, and observe you (thanks to a second in-car camera which watches the driver) while at the wheel. In addition, we provide you with a video file of each session, which we save to a flash drive which you take home.

Midvaal Raceway
Killarney Raceway
Adrian Burford
VBOX tells us exactly what you're doing.

Adrian Burford uses a wealth of motorsport experience to coach drivers up to speed

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