Head For The Hill!

It’s a boulevard of broken dreams for some…and where dreams come true for others

The road running uphill to the entrance of the Simola Golf and Country Estate doesn’t have a malevolent presence. It isn’t darkly brooding, and doesn’t boast unnerving drop-offs that’ll have the unwary and inattentive heavily punished for the smallest indiscretion.

In fact, at a glance it looks innocently innocuous, flanked on one side by a lush golf course and on the other, by conifer plantations. It looks like the kind of place you’d go to for 18 holes, or an invigorating early morning run.

But it is here that some of the fastest cars in the land gather once a year to face-off for the singular honour of being King of the Hill.

To the uninitiated, it might not even qualify as a hill. Elevation change from top to bottom is roughly 160 metres and the total run is about 1 800 metres. It is quite steep in parts, but it is no rollercoaster ride. Depending on how you define a corner, it has two or three…and a series of curvaceous kinks near the end of the run.

But that all changes when the run is tackled flat out in a car that is capable of accelerating to 100 km/h in three or four seconds and will reach 250-plus in a heartbeat. The ‘gentle’ kinks that bring the run to a climax are negotiated at eye-watering speed and the entire route is narrow, undulating, bumpy and in places has a surface which is unpredictable. From start to finish it is totally unforgiving.

This is the backdrop to the annual Jaguar Simola Hillclimb speedfest, where a driver’s courage and a powerful car capable of handling the unique nature of the course meet. It all happens in May and the dates for 2019 have been confirmed: May 2 – 5.

If you haven’t been, it should be on you bucket list! Find out more here: http://www.speedfestival.co.za/

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