Frequently Asked Questions

Even AB de Villiers has a coach – you should too, whether you’re a motorsport pro or just someone trying to get the most out of a track day experience. Here we try to answer some of the more obvious questions.

Do you do the laps then analyse the data and go back out or how do you apply what has been learnt?


The analysis and feedback is immediate: after each driving session we look at the data and extract detailed information by digging into the video, audio and all the GPS data. For example, we can fine-tune where you should brake versus where you did brake (sometimes earlier, sometimes later), your line through a corner (or sequence of corners), and even where - and how - you got back on the throttle. The idea is that you go out in the next session and apply what we have suggested and in that way rapidly bring down your lap times. We also give you a memory stick with the video/audio of your laps, and the lap times/speeds, so you can re-watch this footage at your leisure and learn more.

Is there a group offering for clubs or groups?


We are certainly keen to look at groups but the nature of our approach to coaching (it is designed to be very one-on-one) and the equipment required to be fitted to each vehicle means that we are not really able to handle more than four people on a day. We do offer a special rate for people sharing a car and we also have a less sophisticated (no video or audio) system which we hire out at R1 750 per day. The approach with the non-video datalogger is exactly the same but without the benefit of the video footage.   

How often should I be coached?

We supply you with a flash drive with all your sessions loaded so you can revisit the experience whenever you like but it is probably good to come back every few months to make sure you haven’t lapsed. Obviously if you’re a motorsport professional you should eventually consider purchasing a VBOX to analyse your driving and the effect of changes to the car every time you drive it.

What is the cost of a session and what is included?


We charge R3 500 for a day of Stigworx coaching, and we often piggyback on car-only track days at Red Star Raceway, or Supertrax Sunday at Zwartkops Raceway. We fit your car with a VBOX Video data logger which has 1080p HD dual-camera video and also a microphone to record engine sound. After each session, we look at the data with you and we go through it corner by corner. We pay close attention to the “ideal” lap you drove and the system ‘cherry-picks’ your best sectors from various laps and puts them together in one lap as an indication of what you could’ve achieved in that session. We repeat this process throughout the day, refining technique and looking for that elusive perfect lap! The idea is to get in as many driving/analysis sessions as possible.

This is an all-in cost, with the exception of the track fee paid to the circuit. All vehicle-related costs are for your account.  

Is this aimed more at the person already in the racing scene or for the social enthusiast who just likes to get the most out of his car every few months?


We have deliberately aimed our services at the social enthusiast who is keen to get maximum value and enjoyment from a track day or open day, and learn how to drive correctly on the track. As well as speeding up the learning process our Real+Virtual approach is tremendous fun! But the same principles apply to race-car drivers and we are often able to isolate errors of technique or incorrect previous habits (conventional wisdom is often a dangerous thing!) and even for top drivers to make progress in that way.